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Father holds graduation ceremony for daughter in driveway

Not all news is bad, even in times that test humanity’s spirit. In fact, sometimes the goodness of humankind will reach out of the bounds of Earth’s gravity, stretch beyond the planet’s solar system, go around the galaxy and come back around the earth to warm and comfort its inhabitants.

Such is the case with a loving father from Tennessee, who realizing that his daughter would not get the graduation she had worked so hard for four years to achieve, took it upon himself to hold a graduation in the family’s driveway.

This exceptional father’s name is Torrence Burson and his daughter, who is fortunate to have such a loving and extravagant father, is Gabrielle Pierce.

Gabrielle was treated to a moving and personal graduation the likes of which she never imagined and her neighbors were treated to a full scale graduation, complete with speeches and music.

According to news reports, neighbors lined the streets and cars drove by and congratulated the newly minted adult for her accomplishments.

You can watch this exceptional family in action in the video below.

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