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How a bull scratching its bum knocked out power to 700 homes

A constant among most living creatures in the galaxy — at least those with nervous systems — is the itch. It is nature’s way of taking us all down a peg and reminding us that our bodies are imperfect and at odds with nature.

However, a little itching, when not related to some sort of disease, is mostly harmless and has no impact on any one other than the itchee.

Unless of course one is a Scottish Bull named Ron. Poor Ron had an itch on his backside and attempted to relieve his itch by making use of a utility pole. Unfortunately for Ron, through sheer lack of planning on the part of some force in the universe, he was born a bull and not a squirrel.

A bull gyrating wildly against a utility pole is not going to end terribly well for the pole or anything that might be attached to it, for example, an electrical transformer.

According to UPI, Ron’s itchy bum caused the transformer box to fall, knocking out power to 700 homes in the area.

Ron, by the way is fine. He did not catch his death from the falling box and was not electrocuted. On Earth, it isn’t just cats who have nine lives.

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