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Ice cream shop serves up tear gas flavored dessert

Over the course of its history, Earth has developed some bizarre ways to protest including sit-ins, attempting to tip buildings over, and camping out in public parks thinking that this is the way to make millionaires listen to one’s cause.

However, one act of solidarity with protestors takes the cake — or more appropriately, the ice cream scoop. To show his solidarity with protestors who want to see democracy in Hong Kong, a local ice cream shop owner has developed tear gas flavored ice cream. The ice cream, which according to The Associated Press relies heavily on black pepper, is designed to remind the good people of Hong Kong what it felt like, smelled like and tasted like to be gassed during protests last year.

In case you were not paying attention to the news of Hong Kong last year, or were under a rock for a considerable amount of time, the months-long protest demanding democracy resulted in police spraying more than 16,000 rounds of pepper spray on protestors.

The shop owner reports that the tear gas flavored dessert has been a hit with customers and told AP he was selling a whopping 20 to 30 scoops of it per day before the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is, of course, unknown how many customers have returned for more of the unique pro-democracy treat.

We will be happy to stick with cookies and cream, thank you very much.

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