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Insurance refuses to cover rain damage to Noah’s Ark replica

A giant replica of Noah’s Ark situated in Northern Kentucky on dry land had a bit of an unfortunate run-in with flood waters recently, prompting its owners to file insurance claims for rain damage.

Ironically, their five insurance companies, which agreed to insure the ark in the first place, ruled that the insurance policies did not cover rain damage. This of course has left the owners of the ark to appeal to a higher power, namely the U.S. District Court.

The company that owns Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum is suing for damages to the tune of $1 million.

In case you were relying on the ark as your escape method during the coronavirus/end-of-days pandemic that is the year 2020, you will be pleased to know that the ark itself is not damaged. However, the road leading to the ark suffered heavy rain damage and some sort of landslide.

In a world where coronavirus and murder hornets are spreading unchecked, it is only fitting that insurers wouldn’t cover rain damage to Noah’s Ark. Thankfully, for Noah, insurance companies didn’t exist when he built his masterpiece. Had he attempted such a feat in the modern era, not only would his insurance company have not covered it, but his HOA would have cried fowl and PETA would have slapped him with a lawsuit.

However, he could have left the murder hornets off the boat.

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