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The polls were closed, but the election still happened. Nobody voted

Human beings in most countries on Earth pride themselves in their freedom to choose their elected leaders. In Earthspeak, this system of government whereby the led choose those who lead them is known as “democracy.”

However, sometimes the petty disagreements of humans can lead to unintended bureaucratic nightmares such as the one occurring right now in Poland.

All of Poland’s polling stations are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, however Poland’s political parties were unable to agree whether or not to postpone or cancel the election, so following its constitutional law, Poland held an election May 10.

Polls remained closed, nobody voted and turnout was zero.

Despite the fact that people are voting — or not voting as it were in this case — because they believe themselves to have the free will to elect their own leaders, the next step in the process is a foregon conclusion.

According to AFP, the Supreme Court will annul the election due to the fact that while there was an election there was not actually an election. Once this non-election is declared, a new presidential election date will be set by the speaker of parliament.

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