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CNN: Changing your definition of news

CNN pioneered the genre of cable news, hence their quite simplistic name, Cable News Network.

Prior to the rise of CNN, television viewers were subjected to a mere 30 minutes to one hours worth of nightly news in the evenings. This simply wouldn’t do. Why would audiences want to consume a news digest program when they could instead be treated to a slow 24-hour trickle of news with hour upon hour of talking heads speculating about world events?

The advent of cable news meant more of everything the public loves about the news industry. Now, instead of being treated to breaking news interrupting their favorite television programs for rare events like moon landings and wars breaking out, viewers could tune into cable news and see breaking news every hour.

This extraordinary brainchild of media mogul Ted Turner changed the landscape of news.

Now, whenever people think of “the media,” they think of pundits and talk show hosts on cable television instead of their local newspapers and television news broadcasts. In fact, they associate CNN so much with news that if they don’t see CNN reporting on it, then the entire news media as a whole has dropped the ball on covering a story, even if the newspaper that is still sitting in their driveway unopened covered the story extensively for three weeks.

Currently, the President of the United States, Donald Trump is at war with the network and has dubbed it “fake news.” This assertion doesn’t come as much of a surprise to seasoned journalists who have used a similar term for all iterations of cable news for years, simply calling it “entertainment.”

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