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Hide your kids, hide your wives, the Murder Hornets are coming

Entry Name: Murder Hornets

In the midst of the global pandemic on Earth known as the coronavirus, COVID-19, or more colloquially “The ‘Rona,” a new threat to humanity emerged.

Known as The Murder Hornet, (or Asian Giant Hornet) this particularly nasty form of bee migrated its way into the continent of North America from Japan, a region of Earth in which the inhabitants believe they are the center of the galaxy, and added a new terror to an already difficult situation.

The Murder Hornets, which were actually more of a threat to beast than man, are known for terrorizing the simple honey bee, decapitating all the inhabitants of their hives and leaving the entire colony dead. Of particular interest to the intelligent lifeforms inhabiting earth was the fact that multiple stings from these death beasts could prematurely end their lives as well.

Why these Murder Hornets are so nasty and what caused them to take the particular evolutionary track they did is unclear.

While this odd species of bee is a source of fear and is among the most unpleasant lifeforms in the galaxy, it is not as irksome as the Vogons. However, all that nastiness is packed into the insect’s rather small frame, making it a species to be avoided and one that non-Earthlings are happy to keep within the Earth’s gravitational pull.

It is rumored that the hornets were created by disgruntled Plutonians, a race undiscovered by Earthmen, who reject the demotion of their planet to dwarf status and have been developing new ways to spite Earth since Earth Year 2009.

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